How to write a brilliant groom's speech

We understand that writing the speech for the most important day of your life can be a little bit of a tricky task. So to help you along the way we asked our wedding coordinator, Katherine, to give her top tips on how to deliver a brilliant groom's speech.

how to write a grooms speech


The setup

Firstly, it's okay to write your speech down. Even if you have a great memory, this is no ordinary day – so make sure you don't get caught out by forgetting your speech halfway through. 

If you have chosen not to have a traditional top table and are worried you will have your back to some guests, then move yourself to the top of the room.

Don't forget to check if your venue has a microphone and sound system or if you need to arrange this beforehand. 

The timing

Speeches can take place before or after your wedding breakfast. You may want to consult with your father-in-law and best man to decide when the best time for you all would be. If you aren’t a natural public speaker or are nervous, you could have the speeches beforehand so you enjoy your meal.

The opener

Firstly remember to thank your new father-in-law for his words as he will have just finished his speech.

The opener of your speech should then establish yourself to the room. Don’t be too nervous though – remember, everyone is there to help you celebrate your special day.


The thank you’s

In the next part of your speech, it's custom to thank all the people in your wedding party for their support. This includes:

Your new parents-in-law - This is your opportunity to thank them for welcoming you into the family and for raising their daughter to be the woman she is today. You could also draw on one quirk and quality that you see your wife has inherited from her parents.

Your parents - This is the chance you have to thank them for everything they have done to support you over the years and for welcoming your wife into the family.

Your new wife - This is the most important part of your speech. But remember there's no right or wrong answer as to what you should say. You could tell your guests the story of how you met, your favourite things about her, or even about the proposal - as long as you speak from the heart you can't go wrong.

Your best man - Thank him for always being by your side and remind the room that they will be hearing more from him later.

The bridesmaids - These ladies are the closest friends and sometimes family of your new wife so you should embrace them as such. Tell everyone how beautiful they all look today and thank them for all the support they've given your wife.

Anyone else - You should also take this opportunity to finally thank anyone else who has helped make your wedding the day it is. This could be a friend who made the cake or even the staff at your venue.

Remember it's also custom to present your mother-in-law and mother with a bouquet of flowers during your speech.

Link it back to your guests

This is commonly forgotten, but your guests do want some interaction too. You could perhaps talk around the table names and what they mean to you, or simply thank them for being there to celebrate your day with you. 

The closer

This is the moment to end on a high, so keep this part short & sweet, and then raise a toast to everyone in the room.


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