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Located in the heart of England, Northamptonshire — also known as the "Rose of the Shires” — is one of the prettiest counties in Great Britain. It’s a county that offers visitors the best of both worlds — modern and thriving town centres set in a stunning countryside setting. Northampshire is home to a traditional rural lifestyle with quaint villages, cottages with thatched roofs, lovely lanes and parish churches. Interestingly, the county also has many modern attractions, like Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Did you know?

Northamptonshire is often described as the Rose of the Shires
It is home to one of the biggest market squares in England
Northamptonshire is home to Carlsberg’s first brewery in the UK — the fourth largest brewer in Britain
Home to the Spencer family, one of Britain's preeminent aristocratic families. Prominent family names include Sir Winston Churchill and Diana, Princess of Wales
Northampton is one of England’s fastest growing towns