A simple sign up. An instant 10% off. And every stay made more rewarding.

Welcome to Applause: the loyalty club from De Vere that starts rewarding you with exclusive perks and discounts from the very first time you stay.

And with each stay we’ll get to know you better, so each experience with us will be as distinctive as the characters of our hotels.

Here are the benefits you'll enjoy as an Applause member:
Saving on your stay

You'll save 10% off our lowest price, every time you book direct. Plus, after you've stayed ten nights, your saving increases to 15%.

Getting straight to your room

With our optional advance check-in service, we'll have your perfect room ready before you arrive.

A drink on the house

You’ll receive £5 to spend in the bar, restaurant or room service every time you stay.

An extra hour

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, read the paper or simply treat yourself to a lie-in with an extra hour to relax before check-out.

An easy getaway

When you're ready to leave, there's no need to wait around. Simply drop off your keys and view your automated bill online.

Or make an Applause booking:
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These are the terms and conditions for the Applause Rewards loyalty programme run by De Vere (“Terms”). By joining the Applause Rewards programme (“Membership”) and using your Membership, you agree to these Terms.

Please read these Terms carefully, paying particular attention to clause 9 (which sets out the extent of our potential liability in relation to the Applause Rewards programme) and clause 6 (regarding our right to vary these Terms from time to time).

 1.    Introduction

1.1.    We are De Vere (“we”, “us” and “our”), a group of companies owned by Principal Hotels Topco 1 Ltd which operate luxury hotels. For details of our group please visit our website: https://www.devere.co.uk/company-registration

1.2.    Applause Rewards is a free loyalty programme which provides individual guests with benefits and discounts when staying at one of our hotels. Applause Rewards is operated by Principal Hayley Ltd on behalf of the group and associated companies.

2.    Contact us

If you wish to contact us regarding the Applause Rewards programme, you can reach the Applause Rewards customer service team by emailing applause@dvcompany.com.


3.    Membership

3.1.    To receive Applause Rewards benefits you must register as a member. Membership is provided free of charge and you can either register online at www.devere.com/applause or when placing booking or by contacting us using the details set out in clause 2. Shortly after joining you should receive a welcome email with information about your Membership.

3.2.    Members are required to provide their personal details in order to register. This personal data will be processed in accordance with our data protection policies (please see clause 7 for further details). You can update your personal details at any time by accessing your online account.

3.3.    Membership of the Applause Rewards programme is only open to individual guests aged 18 or over.

3.4.    Companies, legal entities and other organisations are not able to join the Applause Rewards programme.

3.5.    Your Membership (and any Applause Rewards benefits) are personal to you and cannot be transferred or assigned to anyone else.

3.6.    If you wish to terminate your Membership please contact us using the details set out in clause 2.

4.    Applause Rewards

4.1.   Membership benefits include discounts on room-only and bed & breakfast rates, advance check-in online, free £5 credit to use on food and drink within the hotel (the credit is valid on food and drink charges made to your bill throughout your stay, your £5 credit will be discounted from your bill at point of payment on checkout. £5 credit is per reservation.), an extra hour to check-out and our easy check-out service. More detail on the Applause Rewards benefits can be found at www.devere.com/applause

4.2.    Some benefits (such as room-only and bed & breakfast rate discounts) may vary depending on your Membership history. You can check your Membership benefits online at www.devere.com/myaccount.

4.3.    To receive an Applause Rewards benefit you must:
4.3.1.    be a member of the Applause Rewards programme; and
4.3.2.    book directly with us (whether over the phone, on our website or via your account). Bookings made via a third party (such as a hotel comparison website) will not qualify for Applause Rewards benefits, even if you are an Applause Rewards member. 

4.4.    Applause Rewards members who book directly with us will automatically receive discounted room-only and bed & breakfast rates and other benefits. In the unlikely event you do not receive an Applause Reward benefit when you should have then please contact us using the details set out in clause 2.

4.5.    Applause members that have booked with us on corporate discounts, consortia rates, contracted rates, negotiated rates or other offers or promotions will benefit from all in-house benefits on room-only and bed & breakfast bookings. 

4.6.    Members who stay with us more frequently will benefit from larger discounts on room-only and bed & breakfast rates. If you are an Applause Rewards member, then any nights you stay with us (even if they are on a negotiated rate or corporate discount) will count towards your larger discount of 15% on room-only rates (provided the email address on the booking matches the email on the Applause Rewards database).

4.7.    Membership benefits (including room-only and bed & breakfast rate discounts and credits) have no cash value and cannot be redeemed, refunded or exchanged. 

4.8.    In the event of a dispute over your entitlement to an Applause Reward benefit, our decision will be final.

4.9     The following Applause Rewards benefits will not apply to stays at specified properties. This includes:

4.10.    Applause participating hotels include:

De Vere Beaumont Estate, De Vere Selsdon Estate, De Vere Latimer Estate, Chicheley Hall, De Vere Cotswold Water Park, De Vere Tortworth Court, De Vere Horsley Estate, De Vere Wokefield Estate, De Vere Horwood Estate, De Vere Horsley, De Vere Staverton Estate, De Vere Selsdon Estate, De Vere Orchard Hotel, De Vere Colmore Gate, De Vere Cranage Estate, Cheadle House, De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, De Vere Devonport House, De Vere Jubilee Conference Centre.

5.    Online account

5.1.    When you register as a member you will be provided with an account which you can access online at www.devere.com/myaccount. It is your responsibility to keep your account details confidential. 

5.2.    We do not guarantee that your online account will always be available (for example, due to maintenance or network interruptions) and we do not accept any liability which arises as a result of or in connection with you being unable to access your account.

5.3.    We use reasonable endeavours to ensure our website is safe and secure, but we will not accept liability for any loss or damage which occurs as a result of you using our website or your online account (including damage resulting from malicious software) and it is your responsibility to ensure your device is kept secure and passwords are updated periodically. 

6.    Changes to the Applause Rewards programme

6.1.    The Applause Rewards programme is provided at our discretion and we reserve right to change or cancel any part of it (including the benefits of the programme or these Terms). 

6.2.    We will normally only make changes to the Applause Rewards programme to provide you with improved benefits, but there may be situations where we are required to make changes due to circumstances outside our control.

6.3.    Any significant changes to the Applause Rewards programme or these Terms will be notified to you by email or posted our website.

6.4.    The Applause Rewards programme is provided free of charge and we will not be liable for any costs, damages or losses which arise out of or in connection with the programme (or any part of it) being varied or cancelled.

7.    Data protection

7.1.    In order to provide you with Membership of the Applause Rewards programme (and the benefits that entails) we will need to collect and process personal data (as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998). We take great care to protect the privacy of your personal data and will only use it as permitted under these Terms and applicable law.

7.2.    We collect personal data you provide to us (e.g. when registering as a member or communicating with us) and also data which we generate or which is provided to us by third parties (e.g. subcontractors or business partners). We use your personal data to perform our obligations and exercise our rights under these Terms and, where applicable, to provide you with other services (e.g. processing bookings and payments).

7.3.    Unless you choose to opt out, we may also use your personal information to keep you up to date on the Applause Rewards programme and to inform you about other relevant products/services offered by us which may be of interest to you. 

7.4.    Where we process sensitive personal data (e.g. health information relating to dietary requirements), we will only use it for the purpose for which it is collected and we will not use it for marketing purposes. 

7.5.    Your personal data may be stored by us or our partners, and this may result in it being transferred outside of the European Economic Area.

7.6.    If you wish to opt out of marketing communications or you would like to access or correct any of your personal data we hold then you can do so by emailing applause@dvcompany.com or (where applicable) using the unsubscribe link on marketing emails or updating your preferences using your online  account.

7.7.    Further information on how we use and protect your personal data can be found in our privacy policy at https://www.devere.co.uk/privacy-policy.

8.    Our liability

This clause sets out the extent of our potential liability to you therefore please read it carefully. Please also note the exclusions set out in clauses 5.2, 5.3, 6.4 and 9.4.

8.1.    Nothing the remainder of this clause 8 excludes or limits our liability where it would be unlawful to do so (including liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation).

8.2.    Subject to clause 8.1 above, we will not be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss or for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect) which arises out of or in connection with: 
8.2.1.    the acts or omissions of third parties;
8.2.2.    the provision, non-provision or availability of the Applause Rewards programme benefits; or
8.2.3.    the cancellation or variation of the Applause Rewards programme (or any part of it).

9.    Termination

9.1.    We may terminate your Membership immediately if:
9.1.1.    you breach any of these Terms; 
9.1.2.    we reasonably believe that your Membership is being misused or used by another person; or
9.1.3.    we reasonably believe your continued Membership may result in damage to us, our brand or our reputation.

9.2.    You may terminate your Membership at any time by contacting us (using the details set out in clause 2).

9.3.    In the event the Applause Rewards programme is cancelled then your Membership will automatically terminate.

9.4.    Under no circumstances shall we be liable to pay you any compensation or damages as a result your Membership being terminated. 


10.    General

10.1.    We may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms to another organisation. You may not transfer any obligation or benefit under these Terms to another person without our written consent.

10.2.    All intellectual property rights relating to the Applause Rewards programme (including our logo) are reserved to us and our licensors, and nothing in these Terms shall grant or assign any right, title or interest in such rights. 

10.3.    A delay or failure to enforce any provision in these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy, or of any preceding, subsequent or continuing breach.

10.4.    If any part of these Terms is held (to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the other provisions (and the remainder of the provision in question) shall be unaffected. 

10.5.    The agreement relating to your use and Membership is between you and us and is not intended to confer a benefit on any third party. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 is excluded.

10.6.    These Terms are governed by English law and any disputes arising out of or in relation to them (including non-contractual disputes) must be brought in the English courts.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I join Applause Rewards?

View answer

You can join Applause Rewards by making an online booking, speaking to the reception team at one of our hotels, calling our dedicated Applause team on the number shown above or by registering on this page.

Q. Is there a fee to join Applause Rewards?

View answer

No, Applause is completely free. It’s our way of saying thank you to our valued guests.

Q. I haven’t received my ‘Welcome to Applause’ email.

View answer

Please contact us and we’ll get another email sent across to you.

Q. Are any hotels excluded from Applause?

View answer

You’re entitled to the Applause discount and benefits at all our hotels.

Q. Where can I update my personal information?

View answer

You can update your personal information any time by visiting My Account

Q. How can I check how much discount I’m entitled to as an Applause member?

View answer

You can view whether you’re eligible for 10% or 15% discount by logging into your My Account and viewing the Loyalty Discount Tracker. If you’re currently receiving 10% discount, it’ll tell you how many nights away you are from receiving 15%.

Q. How can I make a booking?

View answer

You can make a booking online, by calling one of our dedicated agents on the number shown above or through one of our reception teams.

Q. Do I need to do anything to get my reservations added to my profile?

View answer

No, you’ll be able to see your upcoming bookings by logging into My Account. Your new reservations will appear within 24 hours of making a booking, and the nights you’ve stayed will be added to your Applause Discount Tracker after you’ve checked out.

Q. My previous stay hasn’t been added to my Applause loyalty discount tracker, what do I do next?

View answer

We’re sorry to hear that, please contact us with details of your stay (confirmation number, date of arrival and hotel name) and we’ll look into it for you.

Q. My Applause room rate hasn’t been applied to my bill, who should I speak to?

View answer

We’re sorry to hear that, please contact us with details of your stay (Confirmation number, date of arrival and hotel name) and we’ll look into it for you.

Q. What do I need to do to check into my room before I arrive at the hotel?

View answer

Visit My Account and within the reservation history, you’ll see an option to complete the advance check-in. This means we’ll find a room that suits your preferences.

Q. I don’t understand the charges on my bill, who should I speak to?

View answer

You’ll need to contact the hotel and they’ll be able to discuss your bill with you. You can find their contact details here.

Q. How do I get £5 off my food and drink?

View answer

You don’t need to do anything, it’ll be automatically taken off your check-out bill. The credit can only be applied to charges made to your bill and we cannot refund cash payments. The £5 credit is awarded per reservation. 

Q. If I book through a third party (such as a hotel comparison website) will I be eligible for the Applause benefits?

View answer

Applause Rewards benefits will only apply to stays booked through www.devere.com, by calling our booking lines or directly at the hotels.  

Q. I’m a corporate customer staying on a preferred rate, do I receive anything as an Applause member?

View answer

As long as your registered Applause email address is placed against the booking., then you’ll receive our in-house benefits (£5 food and drink credit and an extra hour to check-out), as well as your nights stayed being counted towards your 15% Applause discount.

Q. How does the sale of the Principal properties affect your Applause Rewards account?

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