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Corner of Jumps and Tilford Road, Churt, Surrey, GU10 2LH, 01428 605453

The Sculpture Park

The Sculpture Park in Farnham is the world’s largest sculpture exhibition that is open all year round. With over 800 sculptures dotted around this tranquil location, there is plenty for you to check out. Almost everything that is on display is also up for sale, so if you really take a liking to a particular sculpture, you can always take it home with you.

 Located on 10 acres of woodland, lakes, streams and walkways which are home to a number of wild birds and other creatures as well as the residential doves. 300 well-known and upcoming sculptors contribute to making the Sculpture Park what it is today, throughout 2 miles of trail, there will always be something new to discover and a surprise around every corner.

The Sculpture Park is an enchanting place to visit in Surrey and is suitable for all ages and tastes. Grandparents, parents and children can all enjoy a wonderful day out as can serious art collectors, enthusiasts and students.

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The Sculpture Park