Our insider's guide to choosing the perfect wedding entrance song

The procession, The Wedding March, Walking down the aisle. Call it what you want. This is the moment that many of us have dreamt of, this is your big moment. So to give you a helping hand, here are some top tips from our wedding coordinator Katherine, on how to choose the wedding entrance song that’s right for you.

The perfect wedding entrance song

Sentimental songs

Firstly think, really think back on your relationship – are there any songs that remind you both of a particular memory or time. This could be a first date, your favourite song to listen to together or when you got engaged. Although it may not be a classic wedding song, if it’s sentimental to you it would work just the same and it’s a great story to be able to share with your guests.


It’s okay to go with chart music

Don’t be scared to go with a song in the charts, it may seem like an easy option but it also reflects the time. Plus in the future you’ll be able to listen to a song that takes you back to this special time in your life, it doesn’t just reflect your wedding day, but the time you were taking your first steps in your life together. 


Don’t get stuck in one genre

There are so many categories you can look in to, from Country and Pop to Classical and instrumental covers. But if you really don’t know where to start, begin with your favourite genre and you never know what you might just find.


Timing is key

It’s all about the timing. Remember the bridal party needs to walk down the aisle to this song, so make sure the tempo is just right. You also need to take into account if your song has a long introduction and what part of the song you want to make your entrance to - does your venue know your timings and do your bridal party know their ques.


Reading between the lines

Make sure you really listen to the lyrics and then think what do you want this song to say? Are the lyrics appropriate and are they important to you?  


Make it true to you

There is no rule about your entrance song, if you want it then you should have it and if you’re concerned your song choice isn’t ‘wedding-y’ enough, why don’t you try and find an acoustic or instrumental cover? 


Still need some inspiration? Here’s a selection of some of our favourites to get you started:


Somewhere only we know – Lily Allen (Original by Keane)
L-O-V-E – Joss Stone (Orignal by Nat King Cole) 
Higher Love – James Vincent McMorrow (Original by Steve Winwood)
You’ve Got the Love – Florence and the Machine (Original by Candi Station)
XO – John Mayer (Original by Beyoncé)



1000 years – Christina Perri 
Marry You – Bruno Mars 
I was married – Tegan & Sara 
How long will I love you - Ellie Goulding 
Salted Wound – Sia 



Canon in D - Pachelbel 
Flower Duet - Leo Delibes 
Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy
Bridal Chorus - Wagner 



I run to you – Lady Antebellum 
My best friend – Tim McGraw
Love me tender – Elvis Presley 
Look at me - Carrie Underwood 


Something a little different

Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
One Love – Bob Marley 
Gift of a thistle – James Horner 
Nothing else matters – Metallica


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