How delegates can stay healthy at meetings and events

The benefits of healthy eating and regular exercise – even just brisk walks in the great outdoors - have long been recognised; from helping to alleviate stress and aiding mental wellbeing, to improving cardiovascular health, helping maintain bone strength and a healthy weight.

It is widely recognised that it can be hard for business travellers and delegates to eat well and take exercise breaks when they’re travelling on business or attending an event, however, not only does doing so benefit physical health but also mental health and wellbeing.


De Vere Group Nutritionist, Wendy Martinson OBE
Wendy Martinson OBE, De Vere Group Nutritionist


It’s now easier than ever to integrate healthy menu options and walking or exercise breaks into meetings and events. De Vere works with Group Nutritionist, Wendy Martinson OBE, to oversee the company’s health and wellbeing offer. Since summer is officially here, it’s the perfect time to incorporate healthy dishes and exercise options into meetings. De Vere has shared these top tips:

1. Exercising outdoors with exposure to nature has been proven to have many positive influences on health, particularly mental wellbeing, and enhances mood and self-esteem. As little as a 20 minute walk at lunchtime can have beneficial effects. At many De Vere properties, delegates can borrow a pair of Hunter wellies from reception and head outdoors during their breakout for a walking meeting or just a stroll to gain some fresh air and head space.

2. The benefits of a healthy menu include a sense of well-being, improved mood, memory and cognitive skills, as well as stronger bones and teeth to name a few. Eating for good health can be fun and exciting, which is why De Vere has created a series of delicious and nutrient rich menus packed with great sources of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals which helps support the immune system and a healthy gut. These menus also cater to different dietary requirements including veganism

3. A brisk 30-60-minute walk several times a week can improve blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke and developing diabetes and improve overall cardiovascular health and functional capacity. Organisers can share De Vere’s walking trails with delegates and allow time pre- or post-event for delegates to explore the great outdoors

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