How to put on a high-end meeting

High-end meetings and weddings have more in common than you think

Many people overlook the impact the choice of a setting can have on the outcome of a meeting, if your aim is to impress, then the location, facilities and support will play a part in winning over your guests, as well as contributing to a successful meeting.

It can be argued that to conduct a high-end meeting, event organisers should approach its planning as they would a wedding. A standout location, excellent service and a smooth-running order are essential. In this article, Peter Sangster, Venue Director at De Vere Wokefield Estate, looks at what is needed to host a high-end meeting with all the bells and whistles.


Location, location, location

First impressions are often lasting impressions, so choose a venue that will wow your guests from the offset. Mansion House hotels work perfectly for this, with their impressive exteriors, and characterful interiors. Alternatively, if it suits your guests and the nature of the meeting, consider a quirky venue that will spark their interest on arrival.

Intimate meeting spaces don’t have to resemble cupboards, or gloomy box rooms with little natural light. Take your time to research your options to see what is available locally. It’s also worth at this point considering the tone, mood and content of your meeting and look to match the atmosphere you’d like to create with the room décor. For example, De Vere Wokefield Estate’s Mansion House is home to elegant, wood-panelled meeting rooms that draw on quintessential British designs and natural hues, lending themselves well to high-end, formal arrangements. For a more creative session, you may want to consider an outdoor setting – just make sure there’s free, superfast Wi-Fi available – or a room with a particularly inspiring view.


Setting the stage

According to research by 3M, the brand behind Post-it Notes, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by our brains than text. This leads to an interesting consideration as to how to present the meeting and the points you’d like to make. Whatever you decide, ensure that the venue can support your creativity with the latest AV technology, fast, secure networks and reliable screens.

High-end meetings need impeccable staff support and service to ensure that they run smoothly. Check the venue you’re interested in can provide a dedicated meetings planner and a meeting host on the day–having tech-savvy support on hand to help with any technical woes is always a bonus in high-pressure situations. 


Delight your guests by winning over their stomachs (and boost energy levels)

There is a wealth of interesting statistics and research on the effect food can have on performance. For example, as Harvard Business Review explains, foods like pasta and bread, release glucose quickly, leading to a peak in energy followed by a slump, while meals that are high in fat provide more sustained energy, but require harder work from our bodies, reducing oxygen levels in the brain and making us groggy.

Invest in a venue that has already done the research for you and therefore can provide a nutritionally balanced menu. As part of its innovative Smart Space concept, designed for meetings and event bookings, De Vere’s Group Nutritionist, Wendy Martinson OBE, has created hearty, nutritionally balanced menus, which include vegan, vegetarian and free-from options, which are specifically crafted with productivity, concentration and wellbeing in mind.

To really impress attendees, why not conclude a high-end meeting with a private dining experience in a characterful room such as the Head Master’s Office in the Mansion House at De Vere Wokefield Estate, which provides a sense of grandeur, elegance and exclusivity.


Reap the rewards

Be warned, once you have a taste for the high-life it’s hard to revert to the basement office meeting rooms. To keep your expenses in check, investigate whether the venue offers incentives for repeat business or a reward scheme. This can be a great way to gain some additional perks via your business meeting bookings, in the way of free drinks, discounts or even cinema tickets.

A high-end meeting, like a wedding, can be daunting to organise, with the pressure to make it a success, but by following these simple steps you can ensure that your attendees are engaged and perform at their best.

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